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Laser & Light Treatments

CoolPeel CO2 Elite Skin Resurfacing

Elevate your skincare rejuvenation with the CoolPeel CO2 Treatment. Masterfully blending state-of-the-art laser techniques with pure sophistication, we invite you to uncover a complexion that radiates brilliance and a smoother, brighter complexion. Reserve your session with us today.

Location: Chicago

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CoolPeel CO2: Smooth, Renewed, and Youthful Skin

CoolPeel CO2 meticulously refines your skin, tackling signs of aging head-on. The laser accurately removes the top layer, revealing rejuvenated, smoother, and younger-looking skin beneath. It’s a gentle yet effective approach, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, while promoting a refreshed complexion.

Precision Skin Resurfacing

Targets the top layer for refined, smoother skin.

Minimized Aging Signs 

Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines with ease.

Rapid Recovery Time 

Experience skin renewal without prolonged downtime.

Safe & Proven Efficacy

Trusted technology for consistent, noticeable results.

CoolPeel: Advancing Skin Rejuvenation with CO2 Laser Tech

CoolPeel leverages cutting-edge CO2 laser technology to meticulously diminish signs of aging and sun damage. This innovative approach delicately resurfaces the skin, revealing a refreshed, youthful complexion, while promoting a swift and comfortable recovery.

Laser & Light Treatments

CoolPeel CO2: Laser FAQ

How Does CoolPeel CO2 Work?
CoolPeel CO2 targets the skin's superficial layer, removing damaged skin and revealing the rejuvenated skin beneath. With controlled depth and intensity, it is adaptable to various skincare needs.
Is CoolPeel CO2 Painful?
Generally, CoolPeel CO2 treatments involve minimal discomfort. Topical anesthetic enhances comfort, and its technology ensures precise, quick treatments with less downtime.
What is the Downtime?
CoolPeel CO2 is known for minimal downtime. Mild redness and swelling may occur, subsiding within a few days. Adhere to post-care instructions for optimal recovery.
Who Can Get CoolPeel?
CoolPeel CO2 suits various skin types and addresses concerns like fine lines and sun damage. Consult with our experts to ensure it’s right for your skin.
Laser & Light Treatments

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Every session is tailored to usher you into an era of renewed vitality, ensuring you radiate with the ageless grace you deserve. Experience the harmony of cutting-edge technology and skilled hands working in concert to reveal your vibrant self.


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