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Laser & Light Treatments

AviClear Advanced Acne Treatment

Discover a new chapter in your skin journey with AviClear Acne Treatment. We seamlessly combine innovative laser techniques with an essence of sophistication. Ready for a radiant change? Book your appointment with us today.

Location: Chicago

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AviClear Acne Therapy: Clarity for Your Skin

The challenge of acne stems from various triggers: hormones, diet, even heredity. With the face as its main canvas, its effects are visible. AviClear's cutting-edge laser technology directly targets and eradicates the root sources of acne, neutralizing bacteria and restoring a blemish-free complexion.

Chemical-Free Approach

Rely on AviClear's natural method, without meds or chemicals.

Pinpoint Acne Solutions

Targeted laser action alleviates acne scars and vulgaris effectively.

Balanced Oil Regulation

Maintain optimal skin health by controlling oil production.

Enduring Skin Clarity

Revel in prolonged clear skin, minimizing future breakouts.

AviClear: Revolutionizing Acne Treatment with Laser Technology

AviClear provides a secure, non-chemical laser treatment for acne scars and acne vulgaris. Its advanced technology controls facial oil, reduces multiple acne types, refines complexion, and curbs future outbreaks.

Laser & Light treatments

Refining Beauty: AviClear FAQ

How Does AviClear Differ from Other Treatments?
AviClear distinguishes itself with its advanced laser technology, which directly targets and eradicates acne's root causes. Unlike many treatments that use chemicals or medications, AviClear offers a drug-free, natural approach. The result is effective acne control, reduced scars, and a brighter complexion without compromising skin's health.
Is AviClear Suitable for All Skin Types?
Yes, AviClear is designed for a broad range of skin types. Its precision laser technology allows it to be adjusted to varying skin conditions, ensuring safety and effectiveness. However, a consultation is always recommended before any procedure to ensure AviClear is the best fit for your unique skin needs.
What Can I Expect Post-Treatment?
After an AviClear session, you might notice slight redness, similar to mild sunburn. This typically fades in a few hours. The skin starts to rejuvenate and clear up over the subsequent days. Avoid direct sun exposure and always use sunscreen. Remember, every individual's healing process might vary.
How Many Sessions Are Recommended?
The number of AviClear sessions varies depending on the severity of the acne and individual skin conditions. Typically, clients witness significant improvements in 2-4 sessions. However, for optimal results and clarity, a personalized treatment plan based on an initial consultation is advised.
Avi Clear

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