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Dermaplaning Chicago: Skin's Smooth Transition

Elevate your skin with Dermaplaning, a precise exfoliation technique that unveils your most radiant self. By delicately removing dead skin and fine hairs, we present your face in its best light. Ready to embrace silky-smooth skin? Book your session with us today.

Location: Chicago

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Dermaplaning Revealing Your Finest Glow

The beauty beneath your skin often remains hidden by layers of dead cells and fine facial hair. Dermaplaning is your ticket to unveiling that hidden beauty. This meticulous method not only exfoliates but also smoothens, revealing a more vibrant and radiant complexion. Be ready to embrace your newfound glow.

Deep Exfoliation Delight

Gently removes dead skin for instant clarity.

Peach Fuzz Begone

Eliminates fine hairs, enhancing smoothness.

Boosts Skincare Efficacy

Improves absorption of skincare products.

Promotes Even Skin Tone

Reduces appearance of acne scars and discoloration.

Dermaplaning Chicago: The Golden Route to Silken Skin

Dermaplaning is more than a treatment; it's a transformation. By deftly exfoliating the skin's surface, removing fine hairs and dead cells, it paves the way to a smoother, brighter complexion. Every stroke reveals skin that's ready to shine. Dive into this renewing experience and let your skin feel the difference.



What exactly is Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique where a scalpel gently scrapes off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion. It also aids in better product absorption.
Is the procedure painful?
Not at all! Dermaplaning is a painless procedure, feeling like a soft brush against the skin.
How often should I get Dermaplaned?
For optimal results and skin maintenance, we recommend scheduling Dermaplaning sessions every 3-4 weeks.
Will my hair grow back thicker?
No, Dermaplaning will not alter the texture or growth of your hair. It will grow back as fine vellus hair.

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