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Body Waxing

Discover the secret to silky-smooth skin with our exceptional waxing services. Using warm wax, we delicately remove unwanted hair right from the root, unveiling a radiant, touchable surface that outlasts the fleeting results of shaving. Embrace a comprehensive solution suitable for every contour of your body, crafted for individuals of all genders. Elevate your beauty regimen and book an experience that promises rejuvenation and confidence.

Location: Chicago

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Ready to Enjoy Smooth, Hair-free Skin?

Indulge in the luxury of a full body waxing treatment at Dvida Spa. Our expertise, coupled with cutting-edge facilities and an unwavering dedication to client delight, assures you're in the finest hands. Schedule online to unveil your journey towards luminous, silk-smooth skin today.

Lasting Beauty Beyond Shaving

Remove hair from the root for weeks of smoothness, outlasting the fleeting results of shaving.

Silky Smooth Transformation

Our waxing exfoliates, removing dead cells and hair, revealing touchably smooth skin.

A Future with Fainter Hair

Consistent treatments soften hair regrowth, making it less noticeable over time.

Tailored Waxing for Everyone

Comprehensive services for both genders, from back and arms to more personal areas.

Seeking an Investment in Smoother Skin?

A transformative full-body waxing experience hinges on specific areas and unique requirements. On average, envision allocating between $100-$250 for an all-encompassing journey to velvety-smooth allure. Every penny promises unmatched radiance and touchable grace. Indulge wisely.


Body Waxing FAQs

Begin your experience by delving into specific needs and concerns. This initial step ensures a tailored approach, setting the stage for an optimal waxing journey.
Skin Preparation
Before diving into the main procedure, a meticulous cleansing ritual is performed. A specialized solution primes the skin, ensuring it's ready to achieve the best results.
Waxing Technique
Rely on our skilled estheticians. Through expert techniques and top-tier wax, they efficiently and gently remove unwanted hair, prioritizing your comfort.
Post-waxing, we apply a soothing lotion to calm the skin. You'll also receive valuable aftercare guidelines to help maintain your newly smooth skin's health and radiance.
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Discover a More Youthful You

Elegance Awaits at Dvida Spa

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each guest, our seasoned estheticians provide tailored waxing consultations. Committed to unparalleled quality, we employ premium, hypoallergenic waxes, catering to all skin types. With expert hands ensuring comfort, efficiency, and impeccable hygiene, we invite you to a seamless journey to smoothness.


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Experience unparalleled luxury with our best-in-class equipment, complemented by our consistently warm and friendly staff.


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Amplify Your Inner Radiance: Where Wellness Meets Natural Allure.

Experience the harmony of wellness with a luminescence that's unmistakably yours.

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