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DiamondGlow: Beyond Traditional Facials

Discover DiamondGlow: a revolutionary facial treatment that goes beyond surface-level care. Experience rejuvenation, reduced fine lines, and radiant skin.

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Distinct from standard hydrating facials, DiamondGlow surpasses mere facials, leveraging advanced exfoliation techniques for skin surface rejuvenation. The DiamondGlow's distinctive diamond tip wand elevates resurfacing, offering profound cleansing and revitalization.

DiamondGlow stands out as a meticulous dermabrasion tool, which gently sheds the skin's top layer and facilitates the infusion of select cosmetic serums into the epidermis.

Who should opt for DiamondGlow?

Ideal for individuals desiring to diminish visible signs like fine lines, age spots, scars, acne, and wrinkles without any recovery time. The procedure particularly benefits those grappling with acne, sun-induced damage, hyperpigmentation, brown patches, skin dullness, enlarged pores, and subtle wrinkles.

Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, DERMALINFUSION® merges non-intrusive exfoliation with the in-depth application of tailored solutions into the skin – all while circumventing chemical exfoliants like crystals. Notably, only establishments with professional medical teams offer exclusive DERMALINFUSION®, making it a rarity in standard spas or beauty parlors.

This gentle, non-invasive procedure guarantees pleasing outcomes, devoid of any detrimental chemicals or discomfort. The session concludes within sixty minutes, allowing patients to instantly return to regular activities.

Can DiamondGlow be paired with other procedures?

Combining DERMALINFUSION® with cosmetic enhancements like photorejuvenation, tissue-firming lasers, wrinkle-relaxing treatments, and injectable fillers is feasible. Many choose this composite approach for optimal aesthetic outcomes.

Advantages of DiamondGlow Facials:

• Purifies clogged pores.
• Elevates skin's texture.
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
• Balances skin discoloration and patches.
• Fully adaptable.
• Generally painless.
• Minimal recovery time.
• Immediate visible improvements.
• Progressive enhancement in results.

Vital Safety Guidelines:

DiamondGlow isn't ideal for those with skin abnormalities. Refrain from a DiamondGlow session if skin health is jeopardized. Inform your specialist about any current medical issues, such as allergies, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you're on topical medications.

Commonly, patients might experience a tingling sensation during the procedure, transient skin tightness, minor swelling, and post-procedure redness.

On infrequent occasions, severe allergic responses and intense skin irritations can occur.

Potential risks and aftermaths?

While uncommon, some DERMALINFUSION® recipients might experience slight exfoliation and skin firming. A mild rosiness can persist post-session, but it typically fades within an hour. Prior to treatment, always discuss any potential side effects or concerns with your cosmetic specialist.

For those vexed by multiple skin issues but hesitant about aggressive procedures, DiamondGlow facial experts offer the perfect remedy. Reach out for a comprehensive consultation. 

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